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Hey, I went out kind of

February 15th, 2011 (10:49 am)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: amused
Memory Flashback: In the Valley, Ha Ha~Glen Yarbrough

Friday :D good times. I went to work on the bus for Children who still fight over where they are going to sit. Just sit! We're going to be late! So I ended sitting next to this really little girl. She was really cute. I listened to these kids fight over name calling. Wow. This is why I didn't ride the bus as a kid (maybe I would have turned out differently). Who knows?

So I ducked into my aunts office again and was told that the library needed me more. Ha! To be needed. It's nice to have something other than just chilling at home to do (watch, in the next month I'll be changing my tune). This time I was allowed to check out books! I'm moving up in the ranks. I watched carefully to make sure that none of the students had over due books. I also was needed to get a few fairy tales out for the P-K class and ended up reading to them Mulan: the Ballad. It was awesome. I think I was more excited than the kids were (to be honest, I hate it when people read to me. I know how to do it, I don't need you doing it for me).

The next few hours was spent between shelving books, helping students check out books, having lunch, and figuring out the Scholastic points.

Then my aunt and I walked home. There is this really cool bakery that I wanted to go to and try their Mango Green tea bread in and my aunt wanted to show me something.

It was a puppy. Who does that? Goes to look at a puppy. She wanted the little pug and had been watching her all month. Suddenly she asks if she can take her home for a night- just to try it. Only in China do they say sure.

Loading her up on puppy food and a leash, we bring a new puppy home. However, this is her first time on the leash, and she doesn't quite understand. But then, the bus driver notices us and waits. Wow. Talk about amazing service.

So we head home and have everyone come and see the new puppy who is really sweet and cuddles. Dave comes home and only sighs.

But I think he's secretly in love with her.

Saturday rolls around and we run around getting things for the pug. I get a Subway sandwich for lunch, duck into the Starbucks to see if they have Green Tea Lemonades (and they do). I then notice that they have a Papa Johns and a Coldstones. wtf china? where's my Indian, Thai, and Chinese food? what is with this Americanization. Having a Starbucks is cool, but really?

We have the pup dropped off at the pet store so that she can get cleaned, have her nails trimmed, and she and her toys will be delivered. Shelly and I continue to the little store where I meet even more people. Will I remember them? I hope so.

So the puppy is then delivered when we get home and it is off to bed.

Sunday my aunt goes to church and my uncle goes to school. I just chill with the puppy (locking my self out for awhile until my uncle noticed) and just read. Patrick does not get the internet (surprise) so I am just reading and writing until I am able to get onto my aunt's computer.

When she comes home we all take the taxi (because it's so freaking cold- it was snowing ice flakes) to the shopping center. OMG SHOPPING CENTER! SHOES! I LOVE YOU CHINA WHERE IS MY PAY CHECK. *cough* Well yes, all the girls here have bitching shoes. I wish I had their legs. Acutally, I wish I was just 5 inches taller. I hate being short. Ugh. (I fully believe if I were taller my life would be significantly better). So I get dragged around this store. It's like Tescos, only 2984393875 busier. I know you don't have personal space over here, but omg wtb? Yes. I would love some k thanks. I nearly got ran over by a bike thing. I'm pretty sure it was my fault, but omg. Slam on the breaks.

But none the less, I'm going to go back. I think maybe later this week if there is nothing for me to do. I really want to go left instead of right. we always go forward or right. Never left. It really is bothering me.

But yes. I was like a mall. It has a Dairy Queen and a McDonalds next to it, and all the littler shops outside. it was crowded, but fun. I like just looking. I'll have to go sometime. I'm making a list of things I need to look at. :D

Once again, we went home after a few more stops that my aunt had to take. 

Monday I finished Greenwich and took the dog for walks.