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Out of the Mouth of Babes

February 16th, 2011 (05:45 pm)
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Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: creative
Memory Flashback: American Saturday Night~ Brad Paisley

GUNDHI MADE DUMPLINGS OMG OMG OMG *NOM NOM NOM* I should have been home to watch! D: now I'll never knooooowwww.

Oh well :D I earned money today. Haha! This makes me happy too. I went to sub for a first grade assistant. I got Lunch Recess Duty. And they were under cover. No running? WTF are they suppose to do? This is the only time they get to run and scream.

And let them get wet, christ, they're going to find a way to do it anyways.

But, I walked to school today, not getting hit in either of the crossings. Good job me :D. It was a pretty nice walk. I really need to get a pair of shoes other than my tennys and my boots. Like, a hot pair. And some hot clothes for summer. Not that I'm going to seduce children. I'd just like you to all know that.

But when I go down town. Gonna rock it like London. When I hear London, I hear it like Danny from Hot Fuzz says it. Ha.

But yes, the teacher I was with is so freaking cute! He's from the Phillipeans and he's been to Oly for our Red Lobster. He made a joke about the rain being nothing for me. What a guy.

So I did some paper work, made spelling cards, and was on Lunch Recess Duty. I had to run from the cafiteria to the class room, to the playground. It was a very fast day. I watched the kids color, learn that princesses should not just wait around to be rescued- you've got to go out there and make your own adventure. Yeah >:D you tell them.

I helped them with poetry, which they were like, "wtf, breaking rules" :D YEAH! You get to say "piss off grammar/sentence structure, I do what I want". And one student asked me if I was a High schooler. I didn't really know how to respond other than no, I'm a little older. And one kid cut me off to explain that, "I was all growed up." Thank you, little kid, for saving me from an awkward situation.

I also had to take some kids to ESOL and Chinese, we got to draw sea animals. Best. Class. Ever! I wanted to make one, but I wasn't allowed to. I saw with some girls who took their sweet time, and made fun of this other girl's picture. I had to break that up right away /:< it did not look like a snake! It was clearly a dolphin!

Then I had to watch them for indoor recess, which was fine because they chilled. I Had to break up a few fights and explain the idea of trading. It didn't work that well. Kids make pretty good Ferengis. 

When that was done I went with them to the High School to be with their Buddy and I met the teacher's partner. They have a popcorn machine. It was pretty cool. After this (and popcorn) we had to go back to get on the bus. it started to rain in big cold drops and the kids took their sweet time. /: come on guys, walk with a purpose. I also had to escort them to their bus, which terrifies me. What if they get lost? I remember my first day as a first grader! The teacher put me on the wrong bus! In fact, I wasn't even suppose to get on a bus. I was to go to the gym. Luckily there was a parent at a bus stop that was near my house who walked me to my neighbours. Then again, I never liked elementary school.

So now I am at home, chilling and getting ready for dinner with POT STICKERS OMG!!!!!