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Cell phones, Old ones, and Sheldon.

February 21st, 2011 (12:55 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: chipper
Memory Flashback: Adventurers

On Wednesday I subbed in a first grade class, then on Thursday and Friday I subbed in different kindergarten classes. In the Thursday class I had recess duty for Lunch and afternoon recess. I didn't have to yell at the kids that much, I guess my presence there keeps them pretty well be have. I did have tell one set of kids to stop swinging their coats at each other. Then we had art, where the kids made faces out of play-clay. Apparently, when I went to get something, one of my students hit a girl in the face. /: I had to report this to the head teacher. This group, because there was a substitute teacher and I was subbing for the assistant, the kids were a little more rowdy. I had to help them with lunch, making sure they ate what was mostly on their plate and getting them more when they needed it.

But Friday's class was much better and a lot more laid back. They did a lot of reading, they had stations: reading, coloring, writing, and problem solving on the computer. There was only one student that decided to take issue with the teacher's as well as my own instructions. Which the teacher (who's daughter is going to UW) had warned me about. Some of them got time taken off recess because they were not following directions, but other than that they were really good. They're very energetic- all I remember from kindergarten is coloring, playing in a kitchen, and taking naps. oh. And my abc's.

After this I went to meet with a teacher about a student who needs tutoring. It seems he is struggling with reading and writing. I will be talking with his ESL student sometimes soon, so I can see what it is he needs help on now. He is struggling with organization, so I'm thinking he needs a weekly planner, and we're going to work on strategies to help him. Right now we are working on his Reading Olympics project. He's got the basics, but he gets distracted and over complicates it. I will be meeting him on Wednesdays and Fridays after school.

Then, when my meeting with Brandon was complete, I walked home. I forgot to get the key from Shelly, and was locked out of the front door (I have the key-code to get into the building) so I opened the book in my purse and started reading. :D way to go.

In fact, I just finished my book. I think when Shelly comes home in march I am going to send them with her, that way I don't have to lug them back.

Saturday we went down town to get me a phone! We hired a driver to take us to the bank first, and then we went to this shopping mall thing (it also has a Sephora!) that has a grocery store in the top. Here is where Shelly bartered for the phone. It is similar to a blackberry, but not as complex.

Then we went to the pearl market and looked at all the jewelery where I got a cell phone charm :D Woo hoo!!!! We also went to a DvD store then to lunch at a Persian restaurant. We had saforon rice and chicken, with Nan bread and humus and some kind of salad that was so good.

Dave then went to get his hair cut and we took the driver to another grocery store to get snacks and cereal for school.

Sunday I went to church with Shelly to see if there were any kids my age, and apparently a girl the Shelly taught awhile ago is coming to visit her parents. So maybe we will go and hang out together. Shelly also is looking into kids around my age that are around. However, whenever I got to church it always bothers me. I feel like someone is trying to brainwash me into being a drone. And Sheldon always pops into my head, "no mom, I did not feel your prayer group praying for me." or something very much like that.

Not to mention I have finished The Dark is Rising Sequence. And I can talk about it, after I let all the "askfhjdasklfdjksdfkldsfjkjkf BRAN/WILL lskfjdgklsdfgkldfkjgkjlfg wtf!!!" dies down.

Also, during double duty, I noticed two high schoolers playing basket ball. Omg! They reminded me so much of Touya and Yukito I was so excited, The Touya one was shooting hoops and the Yukito one smiled and helped him get the ball when it went to far away (and also took shots). Made my day.