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brb, going to go and sleep forevarrrr

February 23rd, 2011 (05:42 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: exhausted

Wow. These first graders have more energy than Oliver on candy- if he were allowed to have candy. It was crazy. Wow. So loud, and now it is so quiet.

I had to use the tool of stubborn, willful, and-

randomly. I don't like how teachers tell kids that they can't ask why. It really really bugs me. I know why we don't let them do it, but honestly, I think they should question adults. We are fallible too, and not always do we even know why we are telling a student to do something. This is partly me trying to get kids to fight the poor, question, and investigate. I think they have every right to know why we ask them to do something, because usually when we tell them, they remember, and don't make us tell them again. Some are trying to be imps and push buttons, but I think we take the short cut out when we say, do as I say no questions.

Because I really do believe that makes them think they are less important. And their not.

I had a parent write a note (these kids have Communication books, in my day, we had phone calls and notes to the office) about how her child was pushed by a fifth grader and hurt her finger. She asked if we could keep an eye on her at recess and that she would be come to check up during recess.

First of all.Wow. Really? you want us to just watch you kid, when all the other kids could start killing each other but we need to make sure she does fall. K. Right
Second. We're not at morning recess. We only have one lunch duty.
Third: you're kid didn't tell us.
Fourth: you're kid didn't tell the duty on, guess what, duty. Perhaps if she had, we could have watched her more carefully and talked to the fifth graders.

Which, I had to snap at a few today at recess. They were pushing the little second and third graders around the basketball court and hanging on the rims. /:< Leave my second and third graders alone. go be rough somewhere else.

ha! I told one of the kids he needed to sit and "essen" and one replied, in German, if I could speak it. And I was like, "oh snap, just a little" and he hasn't misbehaved since.

So now, I just need to learn all the other languages to an extent and maybe I can just scare them into behaving.

But I'm good. Ruling with fear is never a good idea. Someone is bound to have enough- which we're kind of seeing right now.

On my first day, way back last week, we were working on poetry, and one kid said a chair was a crab, blue and ready to eat something. Well done kid, you have a better eye than I do.