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sometimes, brain, I just want you to shut your face

February 27th, 2011 (02:52 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: WTF?

Yesterday I fell down the hill outside our house. The security guards were having a meeting and I fell in front of them, rolled over my bag, and stood up making the safe motion. Then I lost my phone at school. And then I locked myself out, but I didn't lock myself out I couldn't find the key.

Walking back to school I couldn't find my phone and borrowed someone's so I could call the building and have them open the door for me. But then, the teacher I was working with did indeed return my phone to me. So the day was saved :D Yay! No so crappy day!!

And I am now 23 years old. Next year will be my golden birthday. Celebrate.

I don't know if it is the food I'm eating, the book I finally get to read, or the random shows I've started watching (or those pesky kids and their dog) but my brain is giving me the most random crack dreams.

In one I have pizza hands. And not just hands that are pizza shaped. Pizza-hands. Melting cheesy hands with sausages pushed under the skin gross pizza hands. It makes me sick remembering it. I'm never eating pizza again. Srsly.

Then I'm with Harry Potter as a professor at Hogwarts. And I was Gryffindor. WTF? We all know that I'm totally a Slytherin. The sorting hat said so. *whines* And for some reason I'm letting the golden trio get away with everything under and below the sun. /:< ugh. I do fly a broom. Which is cool?

And for some strange reason I am turned into an Old One and chilling with Will, Bran, and Merriman (not to mention Ian and Andrea). We're traversing the English country side (that I must have pulled out of my memory bank form my train ride) and running through tunnels connecting to hillsides and my Grandfather's old house. Not to mention that the reoccuring apperiance of the secret passages that do not exist that I totally believe exist pop up. In the basement there are three rooms outside the living room. The boiler room, the bedroom, and the storage room. For some reason my mind assumes that there is a secret room (with a door shaped like a hobbit's) in the storage room. I think this stems from my grandfather always yelling at us to get out of the storage room- he doesn't want us to find it. But it doesn't exist. But in my dreams it always does. And it is full of wine, bright lights, and we're always hiding in it. We hide from the Dark (who for some strange reason or police officers). The last thing I remember is diving into another hillside and for some reason Will is scared and I yell at Gizmo to get out of the way, that's what an Old One was afraid of. And then I was a mermaid. who gets out of the water and floats around the other side of Long lake- talking to people. Eventually I find an injured steed, steal it, and ride into town. Gathering people. what the hell, brain?

Last night I fell into a dark, wet, and rocky cavern. I was trying to save my town from getting wiped out by a flood that was building behind a logged dam. And I found all five pilots from Gundam Wing. But they were different. Hiro wasn't Mr. Cook, Duo was quiet, and Trowa was smiling. Why are you doing this to me?