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Conform, but don't.

March 3rd, 2011 (05:02 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: annoyed
Memory Flashback: Feel it in My Bones

Finds it kind of fustrating that she's the coolest thing this side of the Pacific and Atalantic Oceans and not in her home country. Not that I hate the US or anything (I mean really, where do I want to practice law?) but wtf?

I get a job I haven't really been trained in or look towards- and they actually want me.
Well, land of opportunity, perhaps the pendulum is swinging indeed.

That's a joke team, a joke.

Totally scared a middle schooler to day. But I guess I should start at the beginning. I was subbing for an assistant-

Okay. I've probably mentioned this somewhere, or we've all noticed it, but to set the record straight this school is a private school. It cost 20 grand a year. That's more than WSU costs. And we're talking preschool-12th grade. Not to mention these kids have drivers and IEs to do their bidding. Some don't, because if you have children and you're staff, they are admitted no charge (best teacher perk ever) though some still have IEs and drivers. When Hou-Non lived with my aunt, he had a driver so he and Jeffery would go to school at the last second. Ha.

But anyways. Teachers here, from Preschool to second grade have full time assistants. As well as a maximum of 17 kids. I have never- except in my Post War German Politics class- had less than 20 kids in my class. Ever. In my whole years of education. Even when most of the kids were sick. And when some teachers have to watch more than their 17, they suddenly don't know what to do.

Wow guys. Really? It will be okay. You're not going to die and I would love to see you in a public school, where most of us had to fight our way to be the best.

But then again, some of these kids do come with their own issues. One parent doesn't want to be a parent and relies on one of the teachers to do the parenting for her. One student mirrors myself when I was that age- which means he doesn't care about doing work, he dreams, he's distracted easily, and he has to be bribed- also, the counselor has to come and work with him as well as "assistants".

And kids are kids. It happens, I know, I've been there. Eventually they will (hopefully) grow up to be better listeners and a little calmer.

Most importantly, they will keep their hands to themselves. I really don't understand the need to grab, poke, push, and touch. Really? You have your own hair, run your hands through that. Don't grab his coat, you'll stretch it. Stop pushing him and walk forward, you're going to trip.

And hitting. This is why I don't believe in parents hitting kids- yes, they do learn to hit in anger or if someone is doing something wrong. It doesn't matter if you do it when you're not angry- you're still punishing them by inflicting pain for doing something wrong. Even if you sit them down and tell them, hey you did this wrong so now I'm going to hit you for it, doesn't sound so great, does it. And what do you think they're going to remember in the heat of the moment when another kid does something wrong? That you told them what they did wrong, or that you hit them? Gonna talk from experience here and say, lash out. And not always at the person who did it. Stop. Hitting. Kids.

Today was the worst day I've had. Two kids were driving me up the wall. I don't know why the teacher lets them sit near each other or doesn't separate them, but for some reason they always get into fights, talk back, listen, hit, pull, grab, and yank. You're in freaking pre-school. Calling your parents and time out should be your greatest fear- as well as being kept in from recess (yes, I realize that teachers hate this too and it punishes them as well). I don't know how many times I had to say "hands to yourself" and to test me, they would hit each other right there. Kid 1, go get in line "I don't want to" I really don't care what you want, we have things to do and you're wasting time.

And what is worst is that I actually have to cater to them. Shit. You're so lucky you're not at my camp because I swear you'd never get to ride. And yes, I do work with kids their age who have their money- you'd listen really fast. But all we ask you to do is listen. You can tell me all the stories you like, you can run around screaming at recess, you can run around in PE, When you are in the classroom, all you have to do is listen. I don't mind questions or asking for help. That's what I'm there for. I know you're just kids and that really, you should just be painting, play in the sandbox, and learning nursry rhymes. I understand your parents are crazy for making you learn poetry at the age of 6- you don't learn that until 6th grades. I know you should be given a childhood, and I'm sekretly trying to sneak you one, but I can't if you don't play along.

So kid 1 hits a different kid, makes faces at him, and calls him names. My response is, "really, you're acting like 5 year olds." and I paused. You are near 5... And one kid asked why I treated them as babies. I pointed out that this was how they were acting, and until they acted like kindergartners, they would be treated as thus.

But as I was taking the kids to the bus, Kid 1 and Kid 2 ran off to get their bags. On the way Kid 1 hit Kid 2 and made her cry. /:< Right. See, if you hadn't of run off you wouldn't have gotten hit. Second of all, I don't care if you see your friend, you have to stick with me because your parent pays the school for me to make sure you walk to your bus. Otherwise they would have sent a note saying you could do it yourself. I'm going to get a freaking rope and have you hold onto the knots next time. I don't want you getting on the wrong bus, getting lost, or getting kidnapped.

That's how I scared the middle schooler. Kid 3 was trying to be pain, demanding he be on one side of the buses, the odd side, when his bus was even. I told him no, he needs to stay with me so I can see him. He says no, I like it here. Insert random middle school kids.

Right. Since we're all talking about what we like here is mine. "I really don't care what you like right now. I have to get you to the bus, the bus is on this side, so on this side we will be. *takes hand* and now you're holding my hand 'cause you're not listening."

Middle schooler, scared shitless. Elementary Kid 3, not even phased.

That's how my day was. one of the highlights was when a teacher asked what diversity meant, one of the kids replied "healthy". That's right kid, if you're diverse, you're healthy because you're not like the rest.

along with this lesson they read "Gerald the Girraffe" which I found interesting, but still wrong. While it is trying to teach the importance of difference, Gerald still had to be accepted by his peers. He changed how he danced and was accepted- not he kept dancing regardless of societies standards to conform. Yes, we all want to be accepted, but why should we have to change? We can clearly find people like us, who really do like us for us.

There was another issue I had. I was making portfolios for kids, and it was pink for girls and blue for boys.

Holy shit if you had given me a pink portfolio, I'd rip that SOB up so fast and glare it would be like lighting. I hated pink as a little girl. I love blue. I don't want it, and I find it rather stereotypical and forcing the ideas of gender. Why not let them choose? let them make the damn things, they're 6 not 3. Instead of bloody poetry and science, let them have their creative time. /:< god.

On the upside, I have been offered a job :D huzzah! In admissions where I will never have to deal with kids again- except when I tutor! WOO HOO!!!! I am totally taking it, I start Monday (sunday for those in the states!). I get to work with parents to see if this school is good for their kids and if we can help them (and there are no red flags). Since I am an English Major (finally coming into play) I can proctor tests and I get to go to Pudong! WOO HOO I get to go place :D :D :D :D !!!! Good times. And I have work everyday (I've only really worked today) from 8-4 and I get to keep tutoring. Which, I'm hoping to pick up more kids <3.

Really, that's all I have to say, next to I almost got hit right outside my door. The van came out of know where and I was not paying too much attention.

Now I kind of want to go to bed. I'm sore and tired and my feet hurt. not to mention I just saw a picture and he looks omg so much hotter so upset and depressed so I ate chocolate and what to hide.