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I has skool computor :D

March 8th, 2011 (05:45 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: calm
Memory Flashback: Gernade

I's also has me some Somolians :D Cha-Ching <3 I got a tea set and some jasmine tea :D because I finally have pocket money. I really want to unwrap it and stare at it all day, but I don't think that's going to work. I'm going to go back and get the individual tea glasses that have the gold fish on it. Heck yeah.

I feel like I'm in a manga. It's so weird. I work in admissions and I tutor after school. But, the kids I tutor on the weekend are completely different.

They live about 15 minutes away by car and down so many twists and turns I have no idea which way is up. They have a house. Like, a huge house with giant windows and a front and back yard. That's rare in Shanghai. They send their driver to come and pick me up, have a vase full of slippers, and I tutor a Fifth and a First grade. I find it funny that I've actually worked with the First grader before. The kids are actually really good, it's just they don't want to work too hard. My Fifth grader is good at comprehension and understanding what is going on in the story, however, her vocab is lack. And that's okay. My First grader is have a hard time with words. He loves stories and wants to be a palaeontologist (so freaking cute), so I'll be working with him on vocab and reading aides.

Their mother insists that I have lunch with them. Which is great- but really awkward. They have traditional Chinese food that one of the IE's make and have chop sticks. I am trying so hard to use them properly, and by the time I leave I'll have it down, but instead she handed me a fork and told me that it was okay if I used it. No! It is not okay! I may suck, but if I don't practice I'll never not suck!

Saturday I went to the fabric market (good thing I hadn't gotten paid) to get Jeffery a coat made. We went with my Aunt's friend, who's daughter needed to find some beads so she could make goodie bags for her brithday party. :D so my companion for the day of almost dying was a 10 year old. But she was very smart and very nice.

First we met each other heading over to the SRC club to catch the shuttle (which is free) into downtown. On our way there we chatted about braces and school, nothing too important or exciting. When we finally got down town we walk to this beautiful plaza where the Shanghai Ritz is located. Here we had a late brunch and I drank some Rose Hawthorn Tea and had a turkey sandwhich. I wish they hadn't of toasted it, not that I'm too picky, it's just that when they do it always rips open the roof of my mouth and that stings. However, the sandwhich was good and the tea was amazing. After this Mia and I ran around the Ritz looking for the bathroom. We even ran through a private bar, and snuck around the construction site. Eventually we gave up and used the first floor bathroom.

We then took the taxi of death! >:D I was pretty amused, but my aunt and her friend would not have it. Granted, I would be pretty worried about my 10 year old that does not have a seatbelt on (there are rarely seatbelts in Shanghai taxis). Our driver sped up when others put break lights on, nearly hit other cars, and sped up when David and Michelle said to slow down. I wasn't too worried because I figured he hadn't gotten killed yet and to be fair some of the cars were being the worse driver. But, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

We arrived, not dead and still moving. Everywhere there were scarfs, fabrics, and gloves. Jewelry and noise, pushing and shoving. Just looking at everything and waiting. It was really nice to see.

Then we split up, us girls going to the small things shop while David headed home. Here we picked up some beads. There were so many shops, four floors crammed packed with little booths. The beads were amazing (I'll have to pick up some because that are just so cute) and there were hair barrets and sunglasses. Mia got a glass bead hanger for her window, so when the light comes through it shatters across the room.

We then went home, after my many attempts to get killed by bicycles and mopeds. /: Really, I don't know what it was, but they were after me.

Today I just returned from Pudong, which is where our other campus is. I'm not doing tours yet, but I am doing a lot of paper work. Checking and changing application statuses, sending parents e-mails, testing ESOL, and all that other fun stuff.

My boss is going to London tomorrow night! I am so excited for her, she is going to have the best time ever. I said to go out of the city just once. God I miss you London, Essex, Bath, and even you, Wales.