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Proctoring exams

March 16th, 2011 (11:01 am)
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Chillaxing: Puxi, Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: bored

I feel like a baby sitter. these kids don't need me- they're doing just fine on their own. I guess I'm just reinforcement ha.

But I was listening to the test- the listening part- and I could barely follow. Of course it has numbers and problem solving with numbers and this is for high school (which I know have no idea how I passed...wait, I do) .  But none-the-less this is a hard exam. Holy shit that essay can't be too much fun. And to be honest, I've actually enjoyed writing some of my essays. I'll have to be writing more once I go back to school. :D yay law school, I'm gonna get you.

Ugh, I was so tired when I woke up. I don't even know what happened. I just laid in bed longer than I probably should have. Good thing it's just a 10 minute walk to school, I even had time to stop by the elementary school and sneak some drinks.

I have tutoring today. : / I have to give poor kid bad news about his Reading Olympics project. /: We'll see how that goes.

Do we all remember that one Vulture in Robin Hood (Disney) that is like, "1:00am and alls well" that's what I feel like. "You have 15 minutes, alls well" So write fast-

I thought it would never happen. I thought, here in Shanghai I'd be all, insulated. All protected and shizzle. There is no way I could run into any of those. But no, hanging out in my tailor's shop (okay, my Aunt's tailor's shop) were some. /: I was so upset. Go away, you hurt to much and are probably all alike (yeah, you heard that logical falicy, it makes me feel better, ok!).

Which makes me laugh and laugh now that I am reading Tamora Pierce and remembering Rowling. They knew! I should have listened. But then, in a way, Tolkien disagrees. /: Ugh, how does this end up happening?

But I rather like their disagreements. Makes reading spicy and hot. Though the worlds are separate, the clashing happens and thus gives way to new ideas. A little revolution never hurt (ignoring people die and so on and so forth).

It seems now I'm explaining myself a lot. Mostly because my dilivery is so dead-pan (and yes, I don't always think before I speak) or sarcastic. But I wish that I didn't have to use the fake voice when I talk to people so that they aren't terrified. But then I like using the fake voice to draw them in.

Maybe that's what scared him. That when I talk normally I sound like a man. I'm sure if I were born in another country I would speak like a man /: Oh well, Lina does so why not me? Most likely because I couldn't cast a pail of water, let alone a spell of world devastation. I guess that is one thing I can't blame height on. Sometimes though, I'm pretty normal over here. But my shoulders are too big but are narrow (which is really awkward, because I'm shaped like a pear), and my hips are really high and I'm really short so it's like my torso is missing. And through all the padding I still manage to stab people with my hip bones. When I fall. Which is a lot. And then there are my knees. When people ask, I should just start making up random shit. Like I was dragged through blackberry vines by my horse, or I got in a fight with an Italian over how to say Pasta, something instead of "they just give out". But they do. I'll be walking like it's nothing, nothing, tra fucking la nothing and BAM on the ground bleeding. Thanks for that, Knees. And they say nothing is wrong with them. /:< That's why I don't like you, stupid doctors.