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Flight and Day 1

February 15th, 2011 (10:22 am)
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Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: chipper
Memory Flashback: Club Called Heaven

Every time I open this, something wants to be posted. Like, "THIS IS !!!" and then I never find out because I don't want my post to be fucked up or anything.

So, after arriving after the 15 hour flight of death. No. Srsly. Worst flight ever. Though I do give props to the pilots- that was the softest landing I've ever had. Amazing. And people actually exited the plane really fast. That was great too. Except I nearly got lost in the airport. I apparently needed to go through Korean customs before wandering to the next gate. Fascinating. On the plane they fed me so much food it was crazy. and not just an appetizer, they fed me the whole meal deal. There was a main dish (steak, potatoes, greenbeans/carrots), a salad, cake, a bun, and another salad. PLUS Tea, water, and a coke. Thanks guys, I never knew it was so important to eat so much. Asiana Airline, eat your way to Asia. That was the first dish, three hours later it was a pizza thing, three hours after that we got another 3 course meal. It was amazing. Then I landed in Korea. Which is beautiful- pictures barely do it justice. I didn't take any because they probably wouldn't turn out well and can never capture what I see.

Then it was time to take off to Shanghai. From Korea it is only 1 1/2 hours. Best. Flight. Ever. I remember from Japan to Shanghai it's about 3 hours (after 10 from Seattle) and 15 from LA to Korea. Omg. I wanted to get it done and over with really fast. I played some video games, was fed a 3 course meal again (this time seafood.../: ew) and was chilling. After that we landed (a little bumpy) and I followed everyone to Customs, where thank goodness I got there when I did, the line was HUGE. I don't know why, but I always feel as though they Chinese are going to reject me. Silly, but I feel like they could be having a bad day, or something, and be like, "Lol sorry no". Granted, this isn't just the Chinese I feel like this about. It's actually every boarder official. Like, wtf is this American traveling alone. /:< Hmmm, very suspicious.

Really hope they don't find out I have a degree in politics. /: I don't know if that would go down very well.

But moving on. They had me look into a screen where my face was and stare at it. I don't know what this did for them, maybe to prove that I did come in on that day? I guess I'll find out later. Then I was off to find my baggage, which I snatched off the revolving baggage giver without cutting my hand open again. Wheeling them to the other customs gate, I found my driver and we were off to home.

Now, Shanghai is a huge city. Like London, you can live an hour outside of the main part and still be in London. And in Chinese cars- you don't have seatbelts. FINALLY FREE FROM SEATBELTS!!!! I know they save your life and blah blah, but for once I didn't need one. Haha!  I also fell asleep here (on the plane I slept maybe 4 hours) until we were near Juhihni town. Waking up I saw my aunt waiting in the entrance way ( the compound has gates guarded day and night) and we rolled everything in. I arrived at 10:35 pm on Wednesday, where as I left at 4am in the morning on Tuesday. 

When I arrived and settled a little, my aunt informed me that I had a sub offer in the library for tomorrow and that I would need to get up at 6:30 am to take the bus. Well, they always say that you should jump right in, so it was cool with me.

I slept through the night and forced my self to lay in bed until 6:20am. I changed and was ready to go to work. We took the bus (the school has teacher buses and student buses) and I was introduced to a million different people. I'm going to have to learn names fast. I was then brought to my Aunts office. She is the vice principle. Lol. On the first day of work I was already causing trouble. Not really, then I was taken to the library where I learned to check in books, file paper work, shelve books, and do math. Being a part of the Scholastic books the library now puts on the book fair and have students hand out the scholastic book order forms. Who remembers those? I was always so excited, I wanted all the horse book, all the hobbit books, all the fairy tales and legends- anything fantastical. It was always a compitition of who got the most books. It was usually me because my mom could earn points. See, my mom got in a fight with all the other parents in the PTSA so every time they had a fund raiser, she'd beat them. Now we see where I get it, alright. And she also got them for my dad, who could easily read a library in 3 work years.

So I had to manage which book the library could and could not get. Unfortunately this became a two day project. And I eventually had to tell the head librarian (which parents think I am...and it reminds me of the postsecret secret "I dress to fulfill someone's hot librarian fantasy") that she would have to *cries* cut some books out.

But I shelved some books and found some that I will want to read after I finish those blasted (I'm enjoying them, really) The Dark is Rising Sequence. Which I'll get to in another post.

Then I went to lunch with my Aunt. Omg. The kindergarten kids have their plates measured out and laid down for them. It is so cute. The elementary kids have a separate section from the Middle and High school kids. Here there are more adult foods (but I totally wanted some chicken nuggets) but it is indeed a cafiteria. I haven't been in one of those forever. I suddenly felt the urge to find my table and establish it. But instead I had to get my food and eat because my lunch is only 30 minutes. Once again I met a ton of people, and even now they blurr together. There are some Austrailians, I think I heard a Brit, and Americans, as well as Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese. But the accents caught my ear. I smiled.

Then we took the bus home after work. I think her office is trying to fatten me up. This is the opposite of what I was going for, ladies. Then getting home we changed into excersise clothing and my aunt took me to the Club House. WTF? These kids get a club house? where's mine? Here they have everything. Spa, hair salon, nails, gym, indoor outdoor pool, basket ball, tennis, football, rugby, a jungle gym! D: *makes grabby hands* I really want to go swimming, but I don't know what eye my contacts go into. Lol. I also only have a 3 months supply. hahah. At school I usually wear my glasses- you know, when I was taking my picture for my visa they asked me if they were prescription. Damn you people who wear glasses because you think it's the shit and makes you look smarter. It really bothers me, for some reason. Like you can just decide, "oh today I don't really have bad eyes sight, when I wake up in the morning, I can see just fine" Just once I'd like to know that feeling. I mean, I shouldn't complain completely because I just have bad eyes sight, I'm not blind, but still. /:< ! I'm not amused. I have to put my glasses on or put in my contacts to function. Then I have to take them off or out.

Do you know how hard it is to have sex with glasses on? You stab people with them. In the face. And contacts! you've got to take them out.

Right. Back onto China.This post is quite long. But I don't have class today. But anyways, we work out in the gym and I watch everything going on. We then go home and have dinner and I get a call that I'm needed again but in the art room.

So ends day one of the journey


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should be eating breakfast

February 11th, 2011 (07:25 am)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: hungry

but just wants to say, she's alive and well in China. Yesterday I worked in the library with BOOKS! *makes grabby hands* These kids got into a discussion over Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I was like, "It's a good book. you should read it". And then they bickered about how hard it was and who was in the new "The Lost Olympian" and then decided it was kind of nerdy. D: IT'S GREEK MYTHOLOGY! IT'S NOT THAT NERDY!! But you should be proud to be a nerdy, btw. And they have section just for Star Wars (with one Star Trek book) and those are always going in and out. Apparently about 4000 books go in and out each day. that's crazy. I wrote down some of the titles I want to read- and not all of them are chapter books. (hey, I like pictures and cute ideas).

The plane ride was really long. Never take Seattle, to San Fran, to Korea, to Shanghai. Go through Japan. 5 hours shorter. Those five hours were the most painful of my plane trips ever. I got cramps, I got sick, my ears hurt. This have never happened. /: wtf? I also lost my peacock ring. afjhaskfjhf I really like that ring.

But I'm safe and alive and should go eat breakfast.


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February 5th, 2011 (11:40 am)

Chillaxing: On the Go
Feeling Fine: chipper
Memory Flashback: Dirty Bit~Black Eyed Peas

I knew I should have written some of this down when it happened (to be fair I really am trying) but I didn't. So my mind forgets and then remembers in peices. I don't think this is a good thing for me.

But after last Wednesday, It wasn't too nice a day on Thursday, so I believe I stayed inside and cleaned and watched Criminal minds. Then on Friday I chillaxed until Meghan called me and asked me to go to dinner with her and her dad. Unfortunately I told her I had already eaten with my parents- but then she told me I could have dessert. Do you know how often I get dessert? 

Consider me there in a flash. Not only did I have dessert (yummy chocolate cake slice) but also a pretty cocktail :D! A Fawaiian Punch (which was rather amusing as Meghan's dad is Hawaiian) and not just one, but three. They were so good :D and we talked and talked. One time Meghan's dad was being sarcastic, and she decided to explain it and tried to explain the sarcasm to her. I pointed out that, like Sheldon, sometimes we need to just let it go. Or build her a sign. Which brought up Norwegians, and how it is true that they really are the universal jerkfaces, and I'm not just talking about him. To be fair, Matthias was one of the nicest Norwegians I met. What does this tell you. Clearly there are exceptions to the rule and I'm making a generalization- but there is no love lost between us. ANYWAYS, moving on.

Except, this leads me to my next point. My dream not only had Matthias in it, oh no, once again it had his dad. WTF brain? Are you on crack (hopefully not, because I don't know where you are getting it).  Once again we were acting dumb and ignoring eachother- only not because then as soon as my friends were gone (my defense system suck in my dreams) he and I started talking. I don't remember what about, but I was too happy to understand. GDIF happiness. Thanks goodness Bo had enough of sleeping and woke me up to let him out.

And it was Saturday, where I went and hung out with my peeps. Having not eaten all day I told Buni that I was hungry. Then when we met up with Tama, she noted that she wanted Spagetti and I was like, "OLIVE GARDEN!" which I had been plotting for the whole drive over. Though it was a 30 minute wait, we passed it very well and quickly. I got something yummy, they got something yummy, and it was a good trip all around. We then went to the Comic Store (me sleeping in the back) and when we walked in, I noticed some old High School Acantinces of mine: AJ and Marc. It was kind of awkward, because they hadn't changed a bit. But :D The comic store was tons of fun and eventually we had to take Tama home /: And go home ourselves. But Buni and I stopped at Starbuck for a green tea lemonade. /: Apparently I speak to fast and I got a sweet, light iced, green tea. Which is cool :D I like those too, and didn't mind all that much.

I get back home and my mom is waiting for my dad. Who pulls into the drive way, but does not come into the house. A little while later she wonders if I was lying, and goes to check it out. Nope. I was right, dad came home, however, he is passed out in the truck seat with a bottle in his lap. Mmmm, classy. I hide away when he eventually stumbles in. We can only imagine what they would fight over.

And fight they did.

Sunday was pretty chill. It's the first day my mom had off and we went to Aunty Vi's and Chris/Tom's. I showed Aunty Vi my scrapbook, and she was really happy to see it. Which made me happy, because she is stuck in her room, so I guess she went on the adventure with me. We then showed Tom and Chris :D Who really enjoyed it, and I got to say hi to Ian, the Giant.

Now I am off to breakfast with my brother and his friend/my other brother (not related at all) because I'm sure hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon are a hard find even in China.

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January 27th, 2011 (05:28 pm)
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Chillaxing: home
Feeling Fine: bouncy
Memory Flashback: Sobakasu~Judy and Mary

Omg Omg omg. You know when you have one of those moments. The one where, "omg I was the coolest kid ever?" Yeah, I didn't have that (but I'm pretty damn sure I was) but I had one of those other moments of "I am totally excited just listening to this." OKay, I'm pretty sure China is going to hate me for listening to a Japanse Playlist on my way over there, but- omg. I need this boost guys. Don't hate.

But it's making me so excited. I was so energized after watching Slayers Next. I need to find my CDs to see if Patrick II hates them...

But excitement!!! EXFUCKINGCITEMENT!!!

Also, I feel like a Planeteer every time I use a dish towel to clean up a spill. And yeah, you can be one too!

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Kind of, Messed up.

January 27th, 2011 (12:56 pm)

Chillaxing: Home
Feeling Fine: hopeful
Memory Flashback: Give a Reason~Megumi Hayabashi

Just a little. /: Visa angencies are so unhelpful sometimes /: it's not fair. But that's okay, right? I can just go down to Hong Kong to renew my visa, right? or I can go in or go out? Maybe. Oh god please.

I just have to tell myself, it's okay.

It's okay me :D It's okay. Not everything has to be planned (omg a plan, I need a plan- at least I don't need a plan. Just roll with the tide?).

I also got my contacts :D woo hoo! Go me. Now I am just waiting on my box from Rachel- which should be here soon...

Yesterday I was suppose to have a Slayers Marathon with Meghan- but it was so nice out (I mean REALLY nice: sunny, 50 degrees, no wind, blue skies) we decided to go and spend it outside. We went down to one of the parks, after grabbing Moka and I took her on the most uncoropertive deer trail that I could get away with. This eventually led to the big mother trail down to the water. Which, I love poking into all the tide pools! There were a few that had Jellyfish (ugh, jellyfish) and I didn't get to see a crab! I then crawled up into the cave that we have- Meghan didn't want to. Which is unfortunate- but she doesn't have the sense of adventure and OMG CLIMBING (if we all remember, I am a Rock Squirell/Mountain goat.) So, whipping out my amazing balancing skills I pulled a Trowa and walked across a few fallen trees, scampered up the cliff, and poked my head in, finding cardboard and bottles of water and soda lying around, I left. I do not want to get in a fight with someone over living space- my stuff always seems to go missing.

I also played on the jungle gym! It was called the "U. S. S. Fun-Time" which could have been a title of a porn, but hey, who cares? I captained the ship and got talked into going down the fire escape. /: I wanted to go down the slide but I didn't know if it was wet. After this we drove towards home, but my craving for Challupas hit- and we were next to a taco bell. I got those Challupas. >:3 I got them good. But I wanted Starbucks too, and that is originally what we had planned, so we sat down at the Starbucks near home to have Green Teas and Lemonade. Meanwhile, Moka got petted and awwed over at <3. We then took her across the street to look at a dog store. Good times.

We then went to my house to pick up my sewing, because it was getting dark so why not start our marathon now? And so we did, getting through the first two dvds before dinner! Then her dad came home and showed me his bike and told us stories of his days in Saudi Arabia when he got a Grog Ration. LOL. Apparently we Americans got the good stuff and would more often share it with the other foreign dignitaries (who would try to make their own). We had a nice dinner, updated him on our statuses, and then his lawyer called. This meant it was time to get back to SLAYERS NEXY!!! ahahahaha!!!

Then at 1:30 we finished, and it was time for me to go home. I was exhausted. Srsly. Right now it is not that bad out, but not as nice as yesterday. I'm thinking of going for a walk. Who knows?

I got my visa/passport, my contacts, and a nice day. Pretty much a good time right now.

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Sephora and I are BFFs now

January 26th, 2011 (10:39 am)

Chillaxing: On the Go
Feeling Fine: accomplished
Memory Flashback: New Soul

Monday I was suppose to go to the Doctors to get my contacts checked out. I'd been feeling sick the entire weekend so I didn't put them in. Ha. The Nurse was all, "what's the point of coming?" "um...I'm leaving in 12 days...I need them now." "but we don't know if they work." "I've got an idea, how about you take my word they're working fine." "but we don't knowwwww." Right, the last time a Doctor didn't believe me, I was right. I know what does and does not work for me. I'm not trying to say I'm better than a doctor, but i've been in this body for almost 23 years, I think I've got it pretty covered.

Guess who got her contacts ordered? That's right. I did. Then I drove home and watched something...oh! I watched Up! I love Dug so much, he's such a Jake. If Jake could talk he would sound like that.

So I get a text from Meghan seeing if we can go on an adventure. Unfortunately I cannot, but tomorrow I am free. We then book a date for Tuesday to go to the dog park with Moca and Dillan.

On Tuesday I have to sneak Dillan away from the other dogs (because I can't handle Jake even without other dogs) and rush to Meghan's to pick her up. Then We drive out to the dog park and it is amazing! There are to areas, one for small/shy dogs, and one for big/social-butterfly dogs. Dillan and Moka take off as Meghan and I walk around the muddy area. The grass has yet to grow on this side, so there is mud everywhere. This is sad because Dillan gets lonely without his Jake around. He needs his Alpha <3. But I can't bring Jake because he'd go find a puddle and sleep in it. You think I jest- but I do not. If there is a mud puddle, bowl, pool, that dog will find it no matter what.

All the dogs run around, and this puppy/yearling wanted to play with Dillan so baaad because Dillan was the only dog his size (there was a pitbull puppy who was all "I WANT TO PLAY I AM BIG TOOO!!!!" but every time he did, he got knocked around. but to his credit he got back up!). Dillan, however, was not amused and refused to play.

We then took our sweaty dogs home, changed, and decided to go to the Tacoma mall. I have been eyeing the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion for years, and we never had a Sephora near us until now. So I went. And I bought it.

Along with Too Faced Eye Primer, brush cleaner, eye shadow stick, dome brush, and Urban Decay Zero eyeliner with mascara. Excuse me why I cuddle my stuff. I need to become a rich lawyer soon. /: Actually, I just need to go to law school. that would be nice.

So after that we wander the mall so more. The thing about the Eye shadow stick, there are three Clinques in the mall, and all but one was left. I  GOT THE LAST ONE!!!!! >:D HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! yeah, what what?! I also got my beloved Green Tea Leamonaide. T_T I love you, I will miss you.

Now I am off to the park with Meghan, because it is too nice of a Washington day to be inside. Good thing I packed my Wellies <3!

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What I've been up to

January 24th, 2011 (11:03 am)

Chillaxing: bed
Feeling Fine: bored
Memory Flashback: I don't want to Dance~

After the explosion on Friday I go to Jen's. We have an amazing Tea party with Cupcakes and Movies. First we watch "Leap Year" which was really cute <3 and then "The Banger Sisters" and the entire time I could not stop being "OMG Q Q Q!!! Q IS BEING CUTEEEEE". And Marshal, Jen's boy, came over and cooked us Curry Chicken, which was really nummy! Way to go Marshal :3! Next on our list was "Stardust"- which I've seen before, but hey, it is a great movie. I never saw the end because I needed to go home to sleep. 

That's when I found Patrick II missing. It was not funny.

The next morning, after I found it, Nathan and I went to the Lows and bough a lock for my door. We also installed it. Whoever gets this house after us is going to hate me because their child now has a lock on their door. LOL.

Then my dad come home and he's all "Natalie we need to talk."

So, instead of talking I get a lecture about how i've been sassy, and that I have no right to be sitting in front of my computer all day.

First of all, you weren't here all day so you have no idea wtf I've been doing. You just assume shit and get angry because someone forgot to put you in a tournament. Then you decided to take it out on me or Nathan. You think I'm sassy because I'm not taking your shit anymore. Nathan doesn't like conflict, so he just backs down. I'm not going to be pushed around, k thanks. I'm not a 10 year old and I don't care if I'm living under your house- it wasn't exactly my first choice.

"So you got a lock. You can't lock it when you're gone." um, wtf is the point of a lock if I don't lock it when I'm gone? "Can I trust you to not go in my room and steal what's mine" "It's not yours and if I think you're being lazy." "Well then no. I'm going to lock it whenever I think you're going to act like a child because I can't trust you."

That's how I feel. And that's what I'm going to do. I also don't have to list the things I've done around the house to appease you. You're not a God, I hate to say.

That same day I go to Jens so we can go down to Centralia to go to a concert in a bar. :D We had tons of fun- and bar drinks are dangerous. I got a Dirty Shirley, and let me tell you, the Dirty was definitely there. Poor Jen had to work in the morning, so we left- but it was still a good time. We saw some guy get pushed of his bar stool, pull a ping-pong between the stools, and then slam his chin on the seat. He then got blood on the girl's shirt but she was too drunk to notice until she got in the bathroom. This led to her not remembering who did it or how it happened. She still went back to the same guy- so I'm guessing the blood wasn't that big of a deal.

Coming home to a snuggly Bo and a messed up bed (I hadn't made it before I left) I took out my contacts and put on some PJs (flannel because it was so cold T_T). I didn't wake up until 1 the next morning. omg. I felt sick the entire day.

And I wasn't hungover. /:

15 days until China, team :D!

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January 22nd, 2011 (12:46 pm)
Chillaxing: US, Washington, Thurston, Run Ct SE, 6706

So right now I am on my way to get a lock for my bedroom door. Ignoring the raging teenage flashbacks of yesteryear because right now I'm almost 23.

I got into a fight with my dad. Twice. I was the adult and I thought that, you know, because he was a parent he would act like an adult as well. I don't ask for much. Instead I get a yelling match. During the first exchange ( over where the phone should be placed) I keep my tone level. Then when the next fight I have to yell to get myself heard.

I then go to jens to calm down and chill with someone. I come home. My MacBook is gone. I call Nathan and he's all"dad took it... He was all kinds of grinch."

WTF? Who is the child now? you can't just walk in and take peoples stuff when you're a full grown man. I'm not 10. But I guess you're fucking 5.

So now my brother and I are getting a lock

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(no subject)

January 20th, 2011 (01:52 pm)

Chillaxing: Homes
Feeling Fine: amused
Memory Flashback: All the Right Moves~OneRepublic

I hope you all enjoyed Bo, I know I sure do ('cause I just kicked his bitch ass outside because he was HOWLING).

In other news, my mother has started Session :D Not her favorite time of year (but I always thought it was uber cool. /:). BUT I GOT A NEW HAIR CUT  >:D!! Woot Woot. Raise the roof. My dad demanded that my brother get a hair cut, and nathan responded by saying my dad would have to pay for it. AND HE DID! D: I want a hair cut! >:D Dad then paid for mine. Score.

So it is uber short. Next on the list was getting my visa taken care of.  Consider that done, now I play the waiting game. e_e somehow I have the feeling China is going to be all grumpy. Or some shit like that.


Ugh, I'm going to have to stop swear all the time. /: moooooooooo.

I also drove up to the Canadian boarder to pick up some Alpacas :D So CUTE <3 AND FLUFFY!!! But unlike ponies, not friendly. Though these ones were trained better. Unfortunatly one gets car sick, so Sarah's mom had to sit in the back with him.

Yesterday I got to hang out with JEN JEN!! >:D MWAHAHA!! We ran around the park, which the path was flooded over so we couldn't go further. Even though we did try to build a bridge over it. Yeah. That's how we roll in this house hold. Then we went and harrassed my mom at work, and then it was off to this really awesome Noodle place. Nom Nom. I love you Northwest! We then made for home to watch Big Bang (which nathan has just gotten into :D) and had grilled cheese <3.

And today I've been running around. Good time.

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To bring good cheer to the world

January 13th, 2011 (12:37 am)

Feeling Fine: artistic

Because everyone needs a little Bo in their life <3

Until he opens his mouth /:

AND THE SNOW IS GONE AND IT IS RAINING!! YESSSSS!!!!  I love you rain <3 I love you so much.