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Proctoring exams

March 16th, 2011 (11:01 am)
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Chillaxing: Puxi, Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: bored

I feel like a baby sitter. these kids don't need me- they're doing just fine on their own. I guess I'm just reinforcement ha.

But I was listening to the test- the listening part- and I could barely follow. Of course it has numbers and problem solving with numbers and this is for high school (which I know have no idea how I passed...wait, I do) .  But none-the-less this is a hard exam. Holy shit that essay can't be too much fun. And to be honest, I've actually enjoyed writing some of my essays. I'll have to be writing more once I go back to school. :D yay law school, I'm gonna get you.

Ugh, I was so tired when I woke up. I don't even know what happened. I just laid in bed longer than I probably should have. Good thing it's just a 10 minute walk to school, I even had time to stop by the elementary school and sneak some drinks.

I have tutoring today. : / I have to give poor kid bad news about his Reading Olympics project. /: We'll see how that goes.

Do we all remember that one Vulture in Robin Hood (Disney) that is like, "1:00am and alls well" that's what I feel like. "You have 15 minutes, alls well" So write fast-

I thought it would never happen. I thought, here in Shanghai I'd be all, insulated. All protected and shizzle. There is no way I could run into any of those. But no, hanging out in my tailor's shop (okay, my Aunt's tailor's shop) were some. /: I was so upset. Go away, you hurt to much and are probably all alike (yeah, you heard that logical falicy, it makes me feel better, ok!).

Which makes me laugh and laugh now that I am reading Tamora Pierce and remembering Rowling. They knew! I should have listened. But then, in a way, Tolkien disagrees. /: Ugh, how does this end up happening?

But I rather like their disagreements. Makes reading spicy and hot. Though the worlds are separate, the clashing happens and thus gives way to new ideas. A little revolution never hurt (ignoring people die and so on and so forth).

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Something that makes me laugh

March 14th, 2011 (09:18 pm)

Feeling Fine: chipper

Well, cackle, actually. Or snort. roll my eyes. That kind of reaction- one of disbelief and knee-slapping amusement because you know just how much it isn't true.

That saying where, "be the friend you want to have". Shit. If there was another Natalie around, we would not get along. I just know it. The town would not be big enough for the both of us- and we wouldn't have that playful fun banter.

We'd have the "I don't like you and I'm thinly veiling this as banter" Banter. The I'm gonna kill you banter.

But mostly, we'd have that awkward "I don't like you, but I have to be nice" and we'd not get each others sarcasism and not want to share our friends (or our space, actually).

Which is making me sound utterly crazy- which I probably am- that I think about this.

The other day when I was tutoring, the student asked me if God was real. To be honest, I didn't know what to answer. So I asked him, "Do you believe in God?" "YEs" "Then he's real." "That's what I thought"

And my Astronomy that I'm always complaining about actually helped me tutor. One of my students is studying the moon. We talked about tidal locking, phases of the moon, and moon mythology. Who started singing Sailor Moon? <----this kid. And that kid did not get it /: Especially when I noted that our Moon is named Luna. Like Luna the Cat. Or Luna Lovegood?

/: This generation, I weep (but then I'm pretty sure all generations do)

And zombies were in my dream. I drove around in Jeep. It was in Wales/England/Washington and raining with lots of trees and backwoods. I had three places that I went to. This was to make sure my parents and friends were running away. Nope. Not my family. My dad we deteremined to stand his ground and shot/stabbed/killed any thing remotely zombi-fied. Who am I sticking with when that happens? Sarah. She's gonna find the cure to save us all, like I Am Legend. Nathan went with me, and we tried to get Dillan, Jake, my grandfather, and Bo to come with us. They said F you. Well. F you too, guys. /: Except Grandpa- I love you <3.

This post is mostly me rambling because I have nothing important to say. Well, somewhat important. But not too much. Hmmm... oh! Scheduling is a pain in my side. I'll be glad when Maria comes Back- that and I can grill her about home <3. I miss you uber bunches of oats, England <3.

This weekend I went to the fabric market, am having a jacket tailor made, bought a different jacket, some scarfs and a ring. I will have to travel into downtown by myself to pick it up. Oh yes >:D I can do this!

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Everyone should know

March 11th, 2011 (05:03 pm)

Feeling Fine: distressed

 Everyone here is okay. No one panic. China is not going to be hit (most likely) and we are watching very closely to how everything is going. Everyone stay safe <3. We're watching CNN.

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I has skool computor :D

March 8th, 2011 (05:45 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: calm
Memory Flashback: Gernade

I's also has me some Somolians :D Cha-Ching <3 I got a tea set and some jasmine tea :D because I finally have pocket money. I really want to unwrap it and stare at it all day, but I don't think that's going to work. I'm going to go back and get the individual tea glasses that have the gold fish on it. Heck yeah.

I feel like I'm in a manga. It's so weird. I work in admissions and I tutor after school. But, the kids I tutor on the weekend are completely different.

They live about 15 minutes away by car and down so many twists and turns I have no idea which way is up. They have a house. Like, a huge house with giant windows and a front and back yard. That's rare in Shanghai. They send their driver to come and pick me up, have a vase full of slippers, and I tutor a Fifth and a First grade. I find it funny that I've actually worked with the First grader before. The kids are actually really good, it's just they don't want to work too hard. My Fifth grader is good at comprehension and understanding what is going on in the story, however, her vocab is lack. And that's okay. My First grader is have a hard time with words. He loves stories and wants to be a palaeontologist (so freaking cute), so I'll be working with him on vocab and reading aides.

Their mother insists that I have lunch with them. Which is great- but really awkward. They have traditional Chinese food that one of the IE's make and have chop sticks. I am trying so hard to use them properly, and by the time I leave I'll have it down, but instead she handed me a fork and told me that it was okay if I used it. No! It is not okay! I may suck, but if I don't practice I'll never not suck!

Saturday I went to the fabric market (good thing I hadn't gotten paid) to get Jeffery a coat made. We went with my Aunt's friend, who's daughter needed to find some beads so she could make goodie bags for her brithday party. :D so my companion for the day of almost dying was a 10 year old. But she was very smart and very nice.

First we met each other heading over to the SRC club to catch the shuttle (which is free) into downtown. On our way there we chatted about braces and school, nothing too important or exciting. When we finally got down town we walk to this beautiful plaza where the Shanghai Ritz is located. Here we had a late brunch and I drank some Rose Hawthorn Tea and had a turkey sandwhich. I wish they hadn't of toasted it, not that I'm too picky, it's just that when they do it always rips open the roof of my mouth and that stings. However, the sandwhich was good and the tea was amazing. After this Mia and I ran around the Ritz looking for the bathroom. We even ran through a private bar, and snuck around the construction site. Eventually we gave up and used the first floor bathroom.

We then took the taxi of death! >:D I was pretty amused, but my aunt and her friend would not have it. Granted, I would be pretty worried about my 10 year old that does not have a seatbelt on (there are rarely seatbelts in Shanghai taxis). Our driver sped up when others put break lights on, nearly hit other cars, and sped up when David and Michelle said to slow down. I wasn't too worried because I figured he hadn't gotten killed yet and to be fair some of the cars were being the worse driver. But, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

We arrived, not dead and still moving. Everywhere there were scarfs, fabrics, and gloves. Jewelry and noise, pushing and shoving. Just looking at everything and waiting. It was really nice to see.

Then we split up, us girls going to the small things shop while David headed home. Here we picked up some beads. There were so many shops, four floors crammed packed with little booths. The beads were amazing (I'll have to pick up some because that are just so cute) and there were hair barrets and sunglasses. Mia got a glass bead hanger for her window, so when the light comes through it shatters across the room.

We then went home, after my many attempts to get killed by bicycles and mopeds. /: Really, I don't know what it was, but they were after me.

Today I just returned from Pudong, which is where our other campus is. I'm not doing tours yet, but I am doing a lot of paper work. Checking and changing application statuses, sending parents e-mails, testing ESOL, and all that other fun stuff.

My boss is going to London tomorrow night! I am so excited for her, she is going to have the best time ever. I said to go out of the city just once. God I miss you London, Essex, Bath, and even you, Wales.

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Conform, but don't.

March 3rd, 2011 (05:02 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: annoyed
Memory Flashback: Feel it in My Bones

Finds it kind of fustrating that she's the coolest thing this side of the Pacific and Atalantic Oceans and not in her home country. Not that I hate the US or anything (I mean really, where do I want to practice law?) but wtf?

I get a job I haven't really been trained in or look towards- and they actually want me.
Well, land of opportunity, perhaps the pendulum is swinging indeed.

That's a joke team, a joke.

Totally scared a middle schooler to day. But I guess I should start at the beginning. I was subbing for an assistant-

Okay. I've probably mentioned this somewhere, or we've all noticed it, but to set the record straight this school is a private school. It cost 20 grand a year. That's more than WSU costs. And we're talking preschool-12th grade. Not to mention these kids have drivers and IEs to do their bidding. Some don't, because if you have children and you're staff, they are admitted no charge (best teacher perk ever) though some still have IEs and drivers. When Hou-Non lived with my aunt, he had a driver so he and Jeffery would go to school at the last second. Ha.

But anyways. Teachers here, from Preschool to second grade have full time assistants. As well as a maximum of 17 kids. I have never- except in my Post War German Politics class- had less than 20 kids in my class. Ever. In my whole years of education. Even when most of the kids were sick. And when some teachers have to watch more than their 17, they suddenly don't know what to do.

Wow guys. Really? It will be okay. You're not going to die and I would love to see you in a public school, where most of us had to fight our way to be the best.

But then again, some of these kids do come with their own issues. One parent doesn't want to be a parent and relies on one of the teachers to do the parenting for her. One student mirrors myself when I was that age- which means he doesn't care about doing work, he dreams, he's distracted easily, and he has to be bribed- also, the counselor has to come and work with him as well as "assistants".

And kids are kids. It happens, I know, I've been there. Eventually they will (hopefully) grow up to be better listeners and a little calmer.

Most importantly, they will keep their hands to themselves. I really don't understand the need to grab, poke, push, and touch. Really? You have your own hair, run your hands through that. Don't grab his coat, you'll stretch it. Stop pushing him and walk forward, you're going to trip.

And hitting. This is why I don't believe in parents hitting kids- yes, they do learn to hit in anger or if someone is doing something wrong. It doesn't matter if you do it when you're not angry- you're still punishing them by inflicting pain for doing something wrong. Even if you sit them down and tell them, hey you did this wrong so now I'm going to hit you for it, doesn't sound so great, does it. And what do you think they're going to remember in the heat of the moment when another kid does something wrong? That you told them what they did wrong, or that you hit them? Gonna talk from experience here and say, lash out. And not always at the person who did it. Stop. Hitting. Kids.

Today was the worst day I've had. Two kids were driving me up the wall. I don't know why the teacher lets them sit near each other or doesn't separate them, but for some reason they always get into fights, talk back, listen, hit, pull, grab, and yank. You're in freaking pre-school. Calling your parents and time out should be your greatest fear- as well as being kept in from recess (yes, I realize that teachers hate this too and it punishes them as well). I don't know how many times I had to say "hands to yourself" and to test me, they would hit each other right there. Kid 1, go get in line "I don't want to" I really don't care what you want, we have things to do and you're wasting time.

And what is worst is that I actually have to cater to them. Shit. You're so lucky you're not at my camp because I swear you'd never get to ride. And yes, I do work with kids their age who have their money- you'd listen really fast. But all we ask you to do is listen. You can tell me all the stories you like, you can run around screaming at recess, you can run around in PE, When you are in the classroom, all you have to do is listen. I don't mind questions or asking for help. That's what I'm there for. I know you're just kids and that really, you should just be painting, play in the sandbox, and learning nursry rhymes. I understand your parents are crazy for making you learn poetry at the age of 6- you don't learn that until 6th grades. I know you should be given a childhood, and I'm sekretly trying to sneak you one, but I can't if you don't play along.

So kid 1 hits a different kid, makes faces at him, and calls him names. My response is, "really, you're acting like 5 year olds." and I paused. You are near 5... And one kid asked why I treated them as babies. I pointed out that this was how they were acting, and until they acted like kindergartners, they would be treated as thus.

But as I was taking the kids to the bus, Kid 1 and Kid 2 ran off to get their bags. On the way Kid 1 hit Kid 2 and made her cry. /:< Right. See, if you hadn't of run off you wouldn't have gotten hit. Second of all, I don't care if you see your friend, you have to stick with me because your parent pays the school for me to make sure you walk to your bus. Otherwise they would have sent a note saying you could do it yourself. I'm going to get a freaking rope and have you hold onto the knots next time. I don't want you getting on the wrong bus, getting lost, or getting kidnapped.

That's how I scared the middle schooler. Kid 3 was trying to be pain, demanding he be on one side of the buses, the odd side, when his bus was even. I told him no, he needs to stay with me so I can see him. He says no, I like it here. Insert random middle school kids.

Right. Since we're all talking about what we like here is mine. "I really don't care what you like right now. I have to get you to the bus, the bus is on this side, so on this side we will be. *takes hand* and now you're holding my hand 'cause you're not listening."

Middle schooler, scared shitless. Elementary Kid 3, not even phased.

That's how my day was. one of the highlights was when a teacher asked what diversity meant, one of the kids replied "healthy". That's right kid, if you're diverse, you're healthy because you're not like the rest.

along with this lesson they read "Gerald the Girraffe" which I found interesting, but still wrong. While it is trying to teach the importance of difference, Gerald still had to be accepted by his peers. He changed how he danced and was accepted- not he kept dancing regardless of societies standards to conform. Yes, we all want to be accepted, but why should we have to change? We can clearly find people like us, who really do like us for us.

There was another issue I had. I was making portfolios for kids, and it was pink for girls and blue for boys.

Holy shit if you had given me a pink portfolio, I'd rip that SOB up so fast and glare it would be like lighting. I hated pink as a little girl. I love blue. I don't want it, and I find it rather stereotypical and forcing the ideas of gender. Why not let them choose? let them make the damn things, they're 6 not 3. Instead of bloody poetry and science, let them have their creative time. /:< god.

On the upside, I have been offered a job :D huzzah! In admissions where I will never have to deal with kids again- except when I tutor! WOO HOO!!!! I am totally taking it, I start Monday (sunday for those in the states!). I get to work with parents to see if this school is good for their kids and if we can help them (and there are no red flags). Since I am an English Major (finally coming into play) I can proctor tests and I get to go to Pudong! WOO HOO I get to go place :D :D :D :D !!!! Good times. And I have work everyday (I've only really worked today) from 8-4 and I get to keep tutoring. Which, I'm hoping to pick up more kids <3.

Really, that's all I have to say, next to I almost got hit right outside my door. The van came out of know where and I was not paying too much attention.

Now I kind of want to go to bed. I'm sore and tired and my feet hurt. not to mention I just saw a picture and he looks omg so much hotter so upset and depressed so I ate chocolate and what to hide.


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sometimes, brain, I just want you to shut your face

February 27th, 2011 (02:52 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: WTF?

Yesterday I fell down the hill outside our house. The security guards were having a meeting and I fell in front of them, rolled over my bag, and stood up making the safe motion. Then I lost my phone at school. And then I locked myself out, but I didn't lock myself out I couldn't find the key.

Walking back to school I couldn't find my phone and borrowed someone's so I could call the building and have them open the door for me. But then, the teacher I was working with did indeed return my phone to me. So the day was saved :D Yay! No so crappy day!!

And I am now 23 years old. Next year will be my golden birthday. Celebrate.

I don't know if it is the food I'm eating, the book I finally get to read, or the random shows I've started watching (or those pesky kids and their dog) but my brain is giving me the most random crack dreams.

In one I have pizza hands. And not just hands that are pizza shaped. Pizza-hands. Melting cheesy hands with sausages pushed under the skin gross pizza hands. It makes me sick remembering it. I'm never eating pizza again. Srsly.

Then I'm with Harry Potter as a professor at Hogwarts. And I was Gryffindor. WTF? We all know that I'm totally a Slytherin. The sorting hat said so. *whines* And for some reason I'm letting the golden trio get away with everything under and below the sun. /:< ugh. I do fly a broom. Which is cool?

And for some strange reason I am turned into an Old One and chilling with Will, Bran, and Merriman (not to mention Ian and Andrea). We're traversing the English country side (that I must have pulled out of my memory bank form my train ride) and running through tunnels connecting to hillsides and my Grandfather's old house. Not to mention that the reoccuring apperiance of the secret passages that do not exist that I totally believe exist pop up. In the basement there are three rooms outside the living room. The boiler room, the bedroom, and the storage room. For some reason my mind assumes that there is a secret room (with a door shaped like a hobbit's) in the storage room. I think this stems from my grandfather always yelling at us to get out of the storage room- he doesn't want us to find it. But it doesn't exist. But in my dreams it always does. And it is full of wine, bright lights, and we're always hiding in it. We hide from the Dark (who for some strange reason or police officers). The last thing I remember is diving into another hillside and for some reason Will is scared and I yell at Gizmo to get out of the way, that's what an Old One was afraid of. And then I was a mermaid. who gets out of the water and floats around the other side of Long lake- talking to people. Eventually I find an injured steed, steal it, and ride into town. Gathering people. what the hell, brain?

Last night I fell into a dark, wet, and rocky cavern. I was trying to save my town from getting wiped out by a flood that was building behind a logged dam. And I found all five pilots from Gundam Wing. But they were different. Hiro wasn't Mr. Cook, Duo was quiet, and Trowa was smiling. Why are you doing this to me?

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brb, going to go and sleep forevarrrr

February 23rd, 2011 (05:42 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: exhausted

Wow. These first graders have more energy than Oliver on candy- if he were allowed to have candy. It was crazy. Wow. So loud, and now it is so quiet.

I had to use the tool of stubborn, willful, and-

randomly. I don't like how teachers tell kids that they can't ask why. It really really bugs me. I know why we don't let them do it, but honestly, I think they should question adults. We are fallible too, and not always do we even know why we are telling a student to do something. This is partly me trying to get kids to fight the poor, question, and investigate. I think they have every right to know why we ask them to do something, because usually when we tell them, they remember, and don't make us tell them again. Some are trying to be imps and push buttons, but I think we take the short cut out when we say, do as I say no questions.

Because I really do believe that makes them think they are less important. And their not.

I had a parent write a note (these kids have Communication books, in my day, we had phone calls and notes to the office) about how her child was pushed by a fifth grader and hurt her finger. She asked if we could keep an eye on her at recess and that she would be come to check up during recess.

First of all.Wow. Really? you want us to just watch you kid, when all the other kids could start killing each other but we need to make sure she does fall. K. Right
Second. We're not at morning recess. We only have one lunch duty.
Third: you're kid didn't tell us.
Fourth: you're kid didn't tell the duty on, guess what, duty. Perhaps if she had, we could have watched her more carefully and talked to the fifth graders.

Which, I had to snap at a few today at recess. They were pushing the little second and third graders around the basketball court and hanging on the rims. /:< Leave my second and third graders alone. go be rough somewhere else.

ha! I told one of the kids he needed to sit and "essen" and one replied, in German, if I could speak it. And I was like, "oh snap, just a little" and he hasn't misbehaved since.

So now, I just need to learn all the other languages to an extent and maybe I can just scare them into behaving.

But I'm good. Ruling with fear is never a good idea. Someone is bound to have enough- which we're kind of seeing right now.

On my first day, way back last week, we were working on poetry, and one kid said a chair was a crab, blue and ready to eat something. Well done kid, you have a better eye than I do.

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Cell phones, Old ones, and Sheldon.

February 21st, 2011 (12:55 pm)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: chipper
Memory Flashback: Adventurers

On Wednesday I subbed in a first grade class, then on Thursday and Friday I subbed in different kindergarten classes. In the Thursday class I had recess duty for Lunch and afternoon recess. I didn't have to yell at the kids that much, I guess my presence there keeps them pretty well be have. I did have tell one set of kids to stop swinging their coats at each other. Then we had art, where the kids made faces out of play-clay. Apparently, when I went to get something, one of my students hit a girl in the face. /: I had to report this to the head teacher. This group, because there was a substitute teacher and I was subbing for the assistant, the kids were a little more rowdy. I had to help them with lunch, making sure they ate what was mostly on their plate and getting them more when they needed it.

But Friday's class was much better and a lot more laid back. They did a lot of reading, they had stations: reading, coloring, writing, and problem solving on the computer. There was only one student that decided to take issue with the teacher's as well as my own instructions. Which the teacher (who's daughter is going to UW) had warned me about. Some of them got time taken off recess because they were not following directions, but other than that they were really good. They're very energetic- all I remember from kindergarten is coloring, playing in a kitchen, and taking naps. oh. And my abc's.

After this I went to meet with a teacher about a student who needs tutoring. It seems he is struggling with reading and writing. I will be talking with his ESL student sometimes soon, so I can see what it is he needs help on now. He is struggling with organization, so I'm thinking he needs a weekly planner, and we're going to work on strategies to help him. Right now we are working on his Reading Olympics project. He's got the basics, but he gets distracted and over complicates it. I will be meeting him on Wednesdays and Fridays after school.

Then, when my meeting with Brandon was complete, I walked home. I forgot to get the key from Shelly, and was locked out of the front door (I have the key-code to get into the building) so I opened the book in my purse and started reading. :D way to go.

In fact, I just finished my book. I think when Shelly comes home in march I am going to send them with her, that way I don't have to lug them back.

Saturday we went down town to get me a phone! We hired a driver to take us to the bank first, and then we went to this shopping mall thing (it also has a Sephora!) that has a grocery store in the top. Here is where Shelly bartered for the phone. It is similar to a blackberry, but not as complex.

Then we went to the pearl market and looked at all the jewelery where I got a cell phone charm :D Woo hoo!!!! We also went to a DvD store then to lunch at a Persian restaurant. We had saforon rice and chicken, with Nan bread and humus and some kind of salad that was so good.

Dave then went to get his hair cut and we took the driver to another grocery store to get snacks and cereal for school.

Sunday I went to church with Shelly to see if there were any kids my age, and apparently a girl the Shelly taught awhile ago is coming to visit her parents. So maybe we will go and hang out together. Shelly also is looking into kids around my age that are around. However, whenever I got to church it always bothers me. I feel like someone is trying to brainwash me into being a drone. And Sheldon always pops into my head, "no mom, I did not feel your prayer group praying for me." or something very much like that.

Not to mention I have finished The Dark is Rising Sequence. And I can talk about it, after I let all the "askfhjdasklfdjksdfkldsfjkjkf BRAN/WILL lskfjdgklsdfgkldfkjgkjlfg wtf!!!" dies down.

Also, during double duty, I noticed two high schoolers playing basket ball. Omg! They reminded me so much of Touya and Yukito I was so excited, The Touya one was shooting hoops and the Yukito one smiled and helped him get the ball when it went to far away (and also took shots). Made my day.

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Out of the Mouth of Babes

February 16th, 2011 (05:45 pm)
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Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: creative
Memory Flashback: American Saturday Night~ Brad Paisley

GUNDHI MADE DUMPLINGS OMG OMG OMG *NOM NOM NOM* I should have been home to watch! D: now I'll never knooooowwww.

Oh well :D I earned money today. Haha! This makes me happy too. I went to sub for a first grade assistant. I got Lunch Recess Duty. And they were under cover. No running? WTF are they suppose to do? This is the only time they get to run and scream.

And let them get wet, christ, they're going to find a way to do it anyways.

But, I walked to school today, not getting hit in either of the crossings. Good job me :D. It was a pretty nice walk. I really need to get a pair of shoes other than my tennys and my boots. Like, a hot pair. And some hot clothes for summer. Not that I'm going to seduce children. I'd just like you to all know that.

But when I go down town. Gonna rock it like London. When I hear London, I hear it like Danny from Hot Fuzz says it. Ha.

But yes, the teacher I was with is so freaking cute! He's from the Phillipeans and he's been to Oly for our Red Lobster. He made a joke about the rain being nothing for me. What a guy.

So I did some paper work, made spelling cards, and was on Lunch Recess Duty. I had to run from the cafiteria to the class room, to the playground. It was a very fast day. I watched the kids color, learn that princesses should not just wait around to be rescued- you've got to go out there and make your own adventure. Yeah >:D you tell them.

I helped them with poetry, which they were like, "wtf, breaking rules" :D YEAH! You get to say "piss off grammar/sentence structure, I do what I want". And one student asked me if I was a High schooler. I didn't really know how to respond other than no, I'm a little older. And one kid cut me off to explain that, "I was all growed up." Thank you, little kid, for saving me from an awkward situation.

I also had to take some kids to ESOL and Chinese, we got to draw sea animals. Best. Class. Ever! I wanted to make one, but I wasn't allowed to. I saw with some girls who took their sweet time, and made fun of this other girl's picture. I had to break that up right away /:< it did not look like a snake! It was clearly a dolphin!

Then I had to watch them for indoor recess, which was fine because they chilled. I Had to break up a few fights and explain the idea of trading. It didn't work that well. Kids make pretty good Ferengis. 

When that was done I went with them to the High School to be with their Buddy and I met the teacher's partner. They have a popcorn machine. It was pretty cool. After this (and popcorn) we had to go back to get on the bus. it started to rain in big cold drops and the kids took their sweet time. /: come on guys, walk with a purpose. I also had to escort them to their bus, which terrifies me. What if they get lost? I remember my first day as a first grader! The teacher put me on the wrong bus! In fact, I wasn't even suppose to get on a bus. I was to go to the gym. Luckily there was a parent at a bus stop that was near my house who walked me to my neighbours. Then again, I never liked elementary school.

So now I am at home, chilling and getting ready for dinner with POT STICKERS OMG!!!!!


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Hey, I went out kind of

February 15th, 2011 (10:49 am)

Chillaxing: Shanghai, China
Feeling Fine: amused
Memory Flashback: In the Valley, Ha Ha~Glen Yarbrough

Friday :D good times. I went to work on the bus for Children who still fight over where they are going to sit. Just sit! We're going to be late! So I ended sitting next to this really little girl. She was really cute. I listened to these kids fight over name calling. Wow. This is why I didn't ride the bus as a kid (maybe I would have turned out differently). Who knows?

So I ducked into my aunts office again and was told that the library needed me more. Ha! To be needed. It's nice to have something other than just chilling at home to do (watch, in the next month I'll be changing my tune). This time I was allowed to check out books! I'm moving up in the ranks. I watched carefully to make sure that none of the students had over due books. I also was needed to get a few fairy tales out for the P-K class and ended up reading to them Mulan: the Ballad. It was awesome. I think I was more excited than the kids were (to be honest, I hate it when people read to me. I know how to do it, I don't need you doing it for me).

The next few hours was spent between shelving books, helping students check out books, having lunch, and figuring out the Scholastic points.

Then my aunt and I walked home. There is this really cool bakery that I wanted to go to and try their Mango Green tea bread in and my aunt wanted to show me something.

It was a puppy. Who does that? Goes to look at a puppy. She wanted the little pug and had been watching her all month. Suddenly she asks if she can take her home for a night- just to try it. Only in China do they say sure.

Loading her up on puppy food and a leash, we bring a new puppy home. However, this is her first time on the leash, and she doesn't quite understand. But then, the bus driver notices us and waits. Wow. Talk about amazing service.

So we head home and have everyone come and see the new puppy who is really sweet and cuddles. Dave comes home and only sighs.

But I think he's secretly in love with her.

Saturday rolls around and we run around getting things for the pug. I get a Subway sandwich for lunch, duck into the Starbucks to see if they have Green Tea Lemonades (and they do). I then notice that they have a Papa Johns and a Coldstones. wtf china? where's my Indian, Thai, and Chinese food? what is with this Americanization. Having a Starbucks is cool, but really?

We have the pup dropped off at the pet store so that she can get cleaned, have her nails trimmed, and she and her toys will be delivered. Shelly and I continue to the little store where I meet even more people. Will I remember them? I hope so.

So the puppy is then delivered when we get home and it is off to bed.

Sunday my aunt goes to church and my uncle goes to school. I just chill with the puppy (locking my self out for awhile until my uncle noticed) and just read. Patrick does not get the internet (surprise) so I am just reading and writing until I am able to get onto my aunt's computer.

When she comes home we all take the taxi (because it's so freaking cold- it was snowing ice flakes) to the shopping center. OMG SHOPPING CENTER! SHOES! I LOVE YOU CHINA WHERE IS MY PAY CHECK. *cough* Well yes, all the girls here have bitching shoes. I wish I had their legs. Acutally, I wish I was just 5 inches taller. I hate being short. Ugh. (I fully believe if I were taller my life would be significantly better). So I get dragged around this store. It's like Tescos, only 2984393875 busier. I know you don't have personal space over here, but omg wtb? Yes. I would love some k thanks. I nearly got ran over by a bike thing. I'm pretty sure it was my fault, but omg. Slam on the breaks.

But none the less, I'm going to go back. I think maybe later this week if there is nothing for me to do. I really want to go left instead of right. we always go forward or right. Never left. It really is bothering me.

But yes. I was like a mall. It has a Dairy Queen and a McDonalds next to it, and all the littler shops outside. it was crowded, but fun. I like just looking. I'll have to go sometime. I'm making a list of things I need to look at. :D

Once again, we went home after a few more stops that my aunt had to take. 

Monday I finished Greenwich and took the dog for walks.


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