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Jukebox_Disney [userpic]

Something that makes me laugh

March 14th, 2011 (09:18 pm)

Feeling Fine: chipper

Well, cackle, actually. Or snort. roll my eyes. That kind of reaction- one of disbelief and knee-slapping amusement because you know just how much it isn't true.

That saying where, "be the friend you want to have". Shit. If there was another Natalie around, we would not get along. I just know it. The town would not be big enough for the both of us- and we wouldn't have that playful fun banter.

We'd have the "I don't like you and I'm thinly veiling this as banter" Banter. The I'm gonna kill you banter.

But mostly, we'd have that awkward "I don't like you, but I have to be nice" and we'd not get each others sarcasism and not want to share our friends (or our space, actually).

Which is making me sound utterly crazy- which I probably am- that I think about this.

The other day when I was tutoring, the student asked me if God was real. To be honest, I didn't know what to answer. So I asked him, "Do you believe in God?" "YEs" "Then he's real." "That's what I thought"

And my Astronomy that I'm always complaining about actually helped me tutor. One of my students is studying the moon. We talked about tidal locking, phases of the moon, and moon mythology. Who started singing Sailor Moon? <----this kid. And that kid did not get it /: Especially when I noted that our Moon is named Luna. Like Luna the Cat. Or Luna Lovegood?

/: This generation, I weep (but then I'm pretty sure all generations do)

And zombies were in my dream. I drove around in Jeep. It was in Wales/England/Washington and raining with lots of trees and backwoods. I had three places that I went to. This was to make sure my parents and friends were running away. Nope. Not my family. My dad we deteremined to stand his ground and shot/stabbed/killed any thing remotely zombi-fied. Who am I sticking with when that happens? Sarah. She's gonna find the cure to save us all, like I Am Legend. Nathan went with me, and we tried to get Dillan, Jake, my grandfather, and Bo to come with us. They said F you. Well. F you too, guys. /: Except Grandpa- I love you <3.

This post is mostly me rambling because I have nothing important to say. Well, somewhat important. But not too much. Hmmm... oh! Scheduling is a pain in my side. I'll be glad when Maria comes Back- that and I can grill her about home <3. I miss you uber bunches of oats, England <3.

This weekend I went to the fabric market, am having a jacket tailor made, bought a different jacket, some scarfs and a ring. I will have to travel into downtown by myself to pick it up. Oh yes >:D I can do this!